The smart footwear that changes running


About us

We are startup company based in Tokyo, Japan.

We develop brand-new wearable devices.

Company Profile

Company Name
no new folk studio Inc.
Deportare Complex, 1-12-16, Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Date Established
October 20, 2014


Orphe: Smart Footwear

Life becomes Art.
Orphe: Smart Footwear

Orphe website

Orphe is a brand new "Smart Footwear" with about 100 full-color LEDs, real-time motion sensor and Bluetooth module.

By using the free iOS / Android application, you can freely design light color, animation and the response to foot movement.

By using the free application for macOS, it is possible to use various ways depending on ideas, such as recording data obtained from a motion sensor or using it as an instrument or VR controller.

LED Sole specially designed to diffuse the light beautifully
Approximately 100 full color LEDs are installed in the sole. This enables enriched and flexible expression of light.
Design “SCENE” from smartphone
You can customize the SCENE (A set of light and sound patterns) with an application for iOS/Android. You can enjoy the change in the lighting pattern and sound according to the motion of foot.
Share your SCENE with others
Share the SCENE with other users via cloud server [Currently in development]. For example you can download the same SCENE used by artists.
Good for live performance or controller for games
Motion data is captured by 9-axis motion sensor. You can create a brand new performance by collaboration with music composer or other applications.
Infinite possibilities of smart footwear
SDK is available for free [Currently in progress]. Anyone can develop an original application to produce new ways to use Orphe.